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Spelling 9/11-9/15

The Vowel-Consonant -e Pattern
/a/ as in save     /o/ as in smoke   /i/ as in life     /yoo/ as in huge
1.  smoke     2.  huge      3.  save      4.  life        5.  wide     6.  come*     7.  mine
8.  grade      9.  smile    10.  note     11.  cube   12.  love*
Challenge                Review
1.  escape                1.  side
2.  slope                   2.  hope

Daily Spelling Homework

 The spelling homework remains the same every week.
Monday-        Pencil, Ink, Marker
Tuesday-       The first 8 words in A,B,C order
Wednesday-  The last 8 words used in a sentence
Thursday-      Practice Test (someone gives them a practice test)
                       After correcting the practice test, any words they miss are to                           be  written 5 times each.
During 4 day weeks, continue to check agenda for changes.
Thank you!


Hello Parents,
I am happy to be back and looking forward to another productive school year. 
I also look forward to Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 22.  We will be meeting in room 15.
You will also have an opportunity to sign up for your parent conference as well that evening.
Ms. Rita Lopez

These codes will be around the room tonight.  I hope your children have informed you to bring a device(phones, ipad, etc) with a QR reader so you will be able to see what they are linked to. You can find free ones on the app store of your carriers.  See you tonight!
Laker Challenge begins this week. It lasts for 6 weeks. Students will read 1 chapter book per week. As they read, they use this daily reading in their logs as well.  Depending on the chapter book, divide them by days and you will have your daily goals.