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5 Facts: Making Common Sense of the Common Core

By Cindy Long, NEA Sr. Writer/Editor

Common Core State Standards are K-12 English Language Arts/Literacy and Math standards that will create a clear, consistent level of knowledge for our public school students no matter where they live.

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News and Announcements

El Rancho Unified School District Seeks Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Applicants for Measure EE

Voters in the El Rancho Unified School District (District) approved Measure “EE” on November 2, 2010. Measure “EE” a $52 million bond measure, was put on the ballot to construct and improve local schools and student support facilities, improve student access to computers and classroom technology, build vocational technical classrooms, provide improvements to better maintain schools, and provide renewable energy improvements to reduce operating costs and put more money into the classroom.

The District is currently in the process of recruiting one individual to fill a vacancy on the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee for Measure “EE.” The committee has been established to monitor all bond measure projects and expenditures, provide proper oversight, controls, and accountability to ensure that bond measure funds are used as they were intended, and make regular reports to the community on the progress of the bond measure projects.

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Fifth Grade Bulldogs off to LACOSS

Fifth Grade Bulldogs off to LACOSS

Our fearless fifth graders are off to Malibu for Outdoor Science Science School for four days. Students will be learning about science with hands on activities outside the classroom. Check back often as we share our adventures with you!

BDC 2nd Annual Celebration of Pi Math Night

BDC 2nd Annual Celebration of Pi Math Night

Come Celebrate Pi Day - 3.1415 - with a night of fun math activities and games on Friday, March 13th from 6 pm to 8pm in the Birney cafeteria. Delicious pies by the slice and fruit bars on sale, and a raffle to win whole pies. No homework coupons for all attending students! See you there!

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