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Welcome to 1st grade!
I'm looking forward to a wonderful year!!
I have 19 yrs. of experience and have taught 4th-5th grade and Kinder too!
I have been teaching 1st grade for the past 7 years and enjoy watching the growth of
these little guys!!
I have high expectations and expect your children to learn how to think for themselves, ask questions, and volunteer in the classroom.
As a parent of 3 I do know that time management can be an issue, but I want you to remember that academics should come 1st!! I do understand emergencies and conflicts so please let me know what is happening in your child's life.
If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me! I will address your concerns as soon as possible.


Recent Posts

Common Sense Media

Birney students and staff are excited to begin our Digital Citizenship course through Common Sense Media. Please click on the link below for tips on how to guide your child safely through the web.

Reading Program

Please remember to return books and laminated directions in the backpack every Monday.  I have a parent who checks in each bag and checks to see that all books have been returned.  It is time consuming and I am thankful to have 
Mrs. Martinez's help each Monday.
We DO NEED the backpacks on Monday. If they are turned in late they will not get a new backpack until the following Monday. If they are missing books they will not get a backpack until book is returned.
Please help us teach our children responsibility!! Check backpacks on Sunday night and have them put it by the door to take with them on Monday morning. They keep blaming "Mom" for forgetting to give it to them! I tell them it is their responsibility too!
PS...  Don't worry if you are unable to read the books in Spanish. Please go through the book and see if your child can tell a story by looking at the pictures!!