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Math Night Wednesday March 14th. Fun, games and prizes. Lunch With Someone Special March 23rd. Don't miss the fun!!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Birthday marquee forms available in the office.
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Talking About Math: Sharing Strategies Grade 3 / Math / Student Voice
CCSS: Math.3.NBT.A.2
Analyzing Texts: Overview of a Lesson Series Grade 5 / ELA / Nonfiction
CCSS: ELA.RI.5.1 ELA.W.5.2b ELA.SL.5.1
Counting Collections to 100 Grades K-2 / Math / Addition
CCSS: Math.1.NBT.C.4 Math.1.NBT.C.5
Discover Number Patterns With Skip Counting Grade 3 / Math / Number Sense
CCSS: Math.3.OA.D.9 Math.Practice.MP3 Math.Practice.MP7
Mingle & Count: A Game of Number Sense Kindergarten / Math / Counting
CCSS: Math.K.CC.B.4b Math.K.CC.B.5
Quick Images: Visualizing Number Combinations Grade K / Math / Composition
CCSS: Math.K.OA.A.1 Math.K.OA.A.3
Reasoning About Division Grades 3-5 / Math / Strategies
CCSS: Math.4.NBT.B.6