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Dress Code Policy

The dress code policy is an important part of Birney’s overall goal to maintain standards of excellence for students, not just in dress, but in all areas.   Our goal is to have students dress safely and modestly to maximize learning for all students. This dress program helps establish a business-like atmosphere where students concentrate on their school, not personal issues. Appropriate dress improves student behavior, eliminates outside influences, and supports learning.


Note: The following is not a Uniform Policy; therefore, NO WAIVERS will be granted.

  • Clothes should be neat, clean, not frayed, in good repair and be an appropriate size. It must fit appropriately so as not to expose undergarments.  Clothing with revealing holes in them are not appropriate school attire.
  • Solid color shirts with collars and sleeves (short or long-sleeved) are permitted. Students should not wear sleeveless, tank tops, or shirts with messages, characters, or pictures.
  • Bare midriffs, half shirts, spaghetti straps, and halter tops may not be worn.
  • Pants must fit and be worn at the waist.
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must extend at least to the finger tips when standing normally with the hands hanging at the sides.
  • Belts must be of the correct size, and the ends may not dangle or hang down.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes must have a firm sole. Flip flops, sandals, slippers, and any other backless shoes are not permitted.
  • Hats and head coverings may not be worn inside school buildings.  The only exceptions are head coverings worn for religious reasons.
  • Ear piercing is permitted, as long as it is not a distraction or an issue of safety.
  • Makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, powder) is not allowed.
  • Hair styles or hair color that is disruptive to the educational process are not allowed.
  • Birney Spiritwear shirts and sweaters are permitted. Students are encouraged to participate on Spiritwear Days to promote pride and community.


Clothing and accessories may not be worn if they:

  • are disruptive to the educational program
  • are offensive
  • contain obscene or inappropriate drawings or messages
  • advertise or represent alcohol, drugs, tobacco or illegal substances
  • identify a group of students for the purpose of harassing, threatening, or intimidating others


Classroom and School wide incentives will be used to reward appropriate dress attire. Students who are out of dress code will be required to change clothing and the article in question may be returned only to the parent.  After multiple infractions, the principal may contact parents for a conference, and/or assign any appropriate consequence.